Gothic Lolita Shooter Boob Mousepads Now On Sale

Cave is having its gothic Lolita arcade shooter DeathSmiles ported to the Xbox 360. The game's out this month on April 23. Know what else is out this month?

Starting April 18, DeathSmiles boob-shaped mousepads. While the game is not played with a mouse per se, those who like DeathSmiles might use computers, so it ALL MAKES SENSE.

There are three different versions of the pads, which are priced at ¥4,500 (US$45.60). This bit of information comes our way from a blog that covers only boob mousepads. They're specialists!

デススマイルズ立体マウスパッド3種類 [立体マウスパッド監視ブログ NSFW via 読みゲー]


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