Groening's Life in Hell Gets Video Game Trademark

Last week a trademark was filed for Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic strip for, among other things, a potential video game.

Life in Hell is a weekly comic strip by Groening created in 1977 and renamed Life in Swell in 2007. The strip stars anthropomorphic rabbit Binky and also includes Bink's ex and his illegitimate son. Akbar and Jeff also appear in a number of strips.

Since the strip's topics deal with love, angst, alienation and self-loathing, I can't imagine how or why anyone would turn it into a video game. Add to that the fact that Groening seems to have a habit of trademarking the strip for things he doesn't plan to do with it and I think that this may be a red herring.

But what if? Can you imagine a Life in Hell video game? The inevitable follow-up would have to be a Zippy The Pinhead game. The mind boggles.

Life in Hell Trademark [USPTO]


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