GTA Police Car Mods Have American Cops Feeling Blue

NBC are reporting that a series of Grand Theft Auto modifications - aimed at replacing the fictional in-game police cars with replicas of real ones - have some American cops a little concerned.

While the mods are nothing new (they're for the ageing San Andreas, first released on PC in 2005), the Police in question seem to have only just gotten around to noticing. And noticing that their cars (and in some cases officers) are being replicated for use in video game killing sprees.

Don Gotthardt, from the Fairfax County Police Department, says "The Fairfax County Police Department finds the videos in very poor taste. One of the reasons we find it in poor taste is because of the way the officers are depicted."

Fairfax County cops have contacted YouTube and requested that videos showcasing the mods be removed.

Grand Theft Police Logos [NBC, via GamePolitics]


    Why, because it falsely depicts the police as competant, morally upright crusaders in the fight against injustice? Bring on the mods that depict them as donut-chomping drug traffickers who would rather make life miserable for Bob Average than answer an APB. You can speed and they'll pull over the first car they pass, lose them in chases by driving past fast food joints, and watch them flee the moment you fire a gunshot!

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