Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits Is Now Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

When Activision ships its "best of" Guitar Hero compilation this summer, it will be called Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, not Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits, as previously announced. Why? You got me.

Perhaps Activision is saving Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits for yet another installment, as it's due to run out of Guitar Hero sequel and spin-off sub-titles any minute now. Or maybe there was just too much internal strife about who was indeed the greatest. But when you inevitably walk into your local GameStop or Best Buy or Target this June, demanding a full-band's dose of Guitar Hero rehash... sorry, re-smash, now you know what to ask for. Make a note of it.

Big box art proof after the break.


    I thought it was Smash Hits in the US and Greatest Hits when it eventually gets to the rest of the world??!!

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