Guitar Hero: OZ RAWK Coming To An RSL Near You

Guitar Hero: OZ RAWK Coming To An RSL Near You

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We know Activision has loads of new Guitar Hero games in the works. What we didn’t expect is a Guitar Hero all about Aussie music and only for the Australian market. But that’s exactly what Guitar Hero: OZ RAWK is.

You’ll be able to choose from the standard World Tour style packs: software only; guitar bundle; super bundle with guitar, drums and mic. However, in addition, Activision is offering a limited edition “Meldrum Bundle” that includes the super bundle plus a Countdown Spectacular Live DVD, a framed ticket stub from the Angels’ legendary 1983 gig at the Revesby Workers Club, an autographed photo of the great man’s meeting with Prince Charles (pictured above) and a tattered old Akubra hat.

As well as Farnsey’s perennial anthems “You’re The Voice” and “Sadie the Cleaning Lady”, the announced tracklist includes of old classics and contemporary faves:

Johnny O’Keefe – “Shout” Johnny Farnham – “Sadie the Cleaning Lady” The Easybeats – “Friday On My Mind” Bee Gees – “Spicks and Specks” AC/DC – “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll)” Skyhooks – “Horror Movie” The Saints – “(I’m) Stranded” John Paul Young – “Love Is In The Air” Cold Chisel – “Khe Sanh” Little River Band – “Help Is On Its Way” Mental As Anything – “The Nips Are Getting Bigger” Air Supply – “Lost In Love” INXS – “Original Sin” Uncanny X-Men – “Everybody Wants To Work” Wa Wa Nee – “Stimulation” Painters & Dockers – “Nude School” John Farnham – “You’re The Voice” 1927 – “That’s When I Think Of You” Indecent Obsession – “Say Goodbye” Noiseworks – “Touch” Daryl Braithwaite – “One Summer” Tina Arena – “I Need Your Body” Jason Donovan – “Sealed With A Kiss” Chocolate Starfish – “You’re So Vain” Southern Sons – “Always And Ever” Roxus – “Body Heat” The Sharp – “Scratch My Back” Peter Andre – “Gimme Little Sign” Melissa Tkautz – “Read My Lips” Euphoria – “Love You Right” The Wiggles – “Big Red Car” Mantissa – “Mary Mary” Caligula – “Tears of a Clown” The Superjesus – “Gravity” Spiderbait – “Buy Me A Pony” Sadistik Exekution – “Sadistik Elektrokution” Southend – “The Winner Is…” Human Nature – “Eternal Flame” Taxiride – “Creepin’ Up Slowly” Machine Gun Fellatio – “Rollercoaster” Eskimo Joe – “The Never-Ending Story” Rogue Traders – “Voodoo Child” Anthony Callea – “The Prayer” Lee Harding – “Wasabi”

So what do you think about Guitar Hero: OZ RAWK? Has Activision done justice to the OZ music scene? What other tracks would you like to see?


  • This better not be another April Fools joke… if it is I will hunt you down and kick you in the face Gooseyboy*

    *by no means does this mean that I will actually hunt you down and kick you in the face – but who knows what people will think is serious on the internet these days….

  • You almost had me going, until I noticed ‘The Sharp’ in the list – and everyone in the industry knows that they’re more protective of their music than Led Zeppelin. So there’s no way Activision could afford them.

    Plus, manufacturing a double bass peripheral would also be too expensive.

    Good list though, Goose. Although as a result you’ve made me dig up the handful of 1927 songs in my iTunes. You bastard.

  • IF ONLY!!!

    An Australian Rock Band / Guitar Hero set would be awesome!

    I’d include:

    Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – Most People I Know
    The Masters Apprentices – Turn Up Your Radio
    Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock
    Midnight Oil – Kosciosko
    The Church – Under the Milky Way
    Hunters & Collectors – Say Goodbye
    Def Fx – We Are Now
    The Clouds – Hieronymous
    Regurgitator – I Like Your Old Stuff

  • Well, you had me fooled until I read the wiggles. Activision might go out and make it for you now, though.

    But seriously, dude, Rogue Traders? Lee Harding?

    They should make a GH:Wiggles, though. It’d sell like hotcakes to all the kiddies. My idea, Activision.

  • “Daryl Braithwaite – “One Summer””
    “Melissa Tkautz – “Read My Lips””
    “Roxus – “Body Heat””

    aahhhahaha laughing so much at these.

  • *echoes other posts* It’d be awesome if it were true 😛
    (Sorry if this is a double post, the Captcha had a little hiccough apparently)

  • Yah I’d so buy an Australian Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Only not with half of those songs on it. Maybe we can persuade Activision or EA to release more Australian tracks onto the downloadables… (hope in hope!)

  • *wistful sigh* Oh, if only…

    We definitely need more Aussie rock DLC. I wonder how well World Tour’s Aussie three-pack sold? I bought it mainly to encourage them to release more.

  • Oh man I got so excited about Gravity by Superjesus… What a flipping fantastic candidate for guitar hero.

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