Happy 20th Birthday, Nintendo Game Boy

In April 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy. How time flies when you're having fun, because it's now April 2009, so a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday" is in order for the venerable little machine.

Having sold around 120 million units in its 14-year production run (that's including sales of the Game Boy Color), the Game Boy gave way to the Game Boy Advance, which begot the Nintendo DS. Which isn't anywhere near as great because it's not called the Game Boy DS.

Being near-indestructible, easy to carry around and with plenty of battery life, the Game Boy saw off a number of competitors in its lifetime, from Atari's Lynx to Sega's Game Gear, before finally being retired in 2003.

It brought us portable gaming. It brought us Tetris. It brought us Pokemon. So drink up, old man, and enjoy your special month.

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    I remember getting my hands on my very first brick, it was see-through and came with a crappy 5 in 1 cartridge and a hard plastic carry case. Then I got Super Mario Land and that about sums up every car trip I took until I was 10.

    What a coincidence. My mum is moving and going through her stuff she found all our old Nintendos (not sure what happened to our Sega Master System and our Intellivision). Anyway I asked her if I could have them and she said yes. Alot of our games appear to have been lost over the years because there were a heap of manuals without games. But included with the NES and SNES was 3, count 'em 3 gameboys. The only games she found were Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny In Operation Carrot Patch, 5 in 1 Gameboy Gallery and Tetris.

    Looks like I'm gonna be on the hunt to find all the games we used to have.

    This is great, I've just dug up my old Game Boy Color with PokeMon Yellow and the batteries still hold a charge!

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