Help Me Spend 1000 Club Nintendo Coins

After a few weeks' worth of registering Nintendo products at the recently launched U.S. version of Club Nintendo, I've amassed a healthy 1000 coins to spend. But what clutter-adding trinkets to spend them on?

Long, drawn out decisions have never been my strong point, particularly when it comes to the more trivial. Being a Platinum Club Nintendo member has its privileges (mysterious annual gifts!) but it also forces one to decide—should I get the Nintendo-themed hanafuda cards? I really have no idea how to play a game of koi-koi or hachi-hachi. I'm unlikely to be willing to learn.

Should I reward myself with the Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS? It's possible I'll play that less than the hanafuda card set.

Perhaps I'm overlooking the best that Club Nintendo has to offer. Maybe that silver Nintendo DS card case is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So I'm leaving the decision up to the clearly opinionated Kotaku commenter crowd. Of all the things one can acquire with 1000 coins, what should I get? Who has already redeemed coins for prizes? Should I hold off, hoping desperately that Nintendo will release Wii Remotes or GameCube controllers in a Wario colour scheme?

Bah! I give up. Help!


    I have the Game & Watch cart and do play it every now and then, it's a really good recreation of the original games, the sounds are the real selling point. I just wish they'd put more of them on the cart. Donkey Kong is still fun to play.

    i got the ds game ...i just ordered it

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