Hey, Wanna Work In Games PR?

thq-155_deblob-offpack-logo_blueTHQ's Melbourne office is looking for someone to work on their PR team. Could that be you?

They're after someone to PR their "Kids & Family" titles, which in the past have included the likes of De Blob and Drawn To Life. So the upside is a good portfolio of games. The downside is having the deal with journalists like, well, me.

Here's the full job ad:

THQ Australia is seeking an Associate Media Relations Manager for our Kids & Family portfolio. Located on St Kilda Road, Melbourne this role is perfect for someone with a PR/ Communications background that’s looking for a long term career in the games industry. The successful person will have excellent communication, networking and administration skills, and an ability to work across a wide range of leading brands and owned IP.

A successful applicant will have the following:

* A love of video games and an understanding of kids & family brands * Experience in PR, communications or marketing * Existing media networks in Australia * Great communication skills & a demonstrated ability to develop new relationships * The ability to work confidently in a busy working environment

For a copy of the position description or for more information please contact Andrew Kirkby, on (03) 9914 9944 or [email protected]


    I'm assuming you have to have some sort of Public Relations qualification? Seems like a great opportunity in my opinion, in Melbourne as well! Unfortunately... I'm still a uni student. Why couldn't it have come 2 years later.

    hell yes, applied
    probably wont get a call though

    Hey David you drove the last guy out didn't you?

    ah, i have what it takes but I'm in Malaysia.. sigh...

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