Hong Kong's Insanely-Detailed Resident Evil 5 Figures

In the West, we got little plastic Resident Evil 5 figures. But in the mysterious orient? Well, they're getting something a lot better.

Hong Kong company Hot Toys - who specialise in incredibly detaild 1/6 scale figures - have taken the wraps off their Resident Evil 5 line, which at the moment features two characters, Chris and Sheva.

Both are detailed down to the smallest touch, like earrings, and both will come fully "clothed", with their threads just as intricate. They also come packed with what looks like every weapon ever manufactured in the late 20th century.

HOTTOYS RESIDENT EVIL 5新圖 [ToysDaily, via Tomopop]


    i love Chris face because it is the same as the game but Sheva's face noway she is not nice here just here but in the game wow she is hot and sexy sexy very sexy here just her face is wrong but if they do her face the same as resident evil 5 she is gonna be the best

    Yeah I agree they got Chris's face down just right ((Hell he looks even better than he does in the actual game lol)) But Sheva....hmm I dunno. Something just isnt right about her face and I cant point it out. I think her hair line is receeded a bit too far back on the sides.

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