How Square Enix's Eidos Take Over Changes The Landscape

Square Enix is officially taking over UK publisher Eidos. Not only will Square Enix acquire Eidos properties like Tomb Raider and Hitman. Oh no, Square Enix will get much more.

Land! Compare these pre-Eidos acquisition and post-Eidos acquisition maps. The Square Enix sphere of influence now spreads to more countries, more territories. It's like looking at Risk board game map. Must get horsey and canon pieces on South America, Australia and Africa. Don't forget Russia!


    So can we expect Tomb Raider and Hitman to be starring 17 year old angsty teens? Ok, that could actually work...

    Canon pieces or cannon pieces? They didn't get Canon as well did they?

    sweet more game makers making hitman games. yes best games ever?

    make more hitman games lots fast. also make a stealth action sasquatch game with many primative weapons and many environmental abillities, add bears, moose, hunters, and bigfoot trackers trying to catch you.
    please and thank you jondoe

    please never stop making stealth action killer games.

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