How The DSi Can Filter Your Internets

Being a Nintendo product, the DSi is big on shielding children from the evils of the world, perceived or otherwise. And the DSi is no different, shipping with an internet filtering program.

But how's it work? Built into the machine's browser, it's been developed by Astaro, a company that specialises in web security. Using "cloud-based internet filtering" - which it's important to note can be turned on or off - it checks in via proxy, and is able to block an estimated 35 million web sites.

Which sounds like a lot, but when you consider the whole entire internets, it's a drop in the ocean. Meaning it's only going to block access to the naughtiest of sites.

We should be OK. But checking in via proxy, I'd be more worried about potential issues with the speed of your browsing; any IT types got any idea on the subject?

DSi's parental controls block 35 million sites [Tech Radar]


    jeese nintendo needs to give us better flash ,trying to quit but if we get better browser capabilaties screw that

    i am posting this on my dsi (a special version with a →little← faster internet speed, there will be a blocker butt we are making it were you can turn it off.~that was my idea they wanted to make it perminate~ and when we release that then we'll release this version of the dsi with faster internet.

    hmmm...I think you should work on getting more sites blocked

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