I Wanted to Play Halo 3, But Then I Got High

ForgePorn I can sort of understand because, hell, people have been drawing dicks on everything since the time of cave paintings. But marijuana? Don't kids draw on desks anymore?

Bongs and bud are now a solid second place to bewbs when it comes to building illicit-themed Halo 3 levels, as this gallery shows. Although, some of the pipes do look a little phallic. You'd think that by now, there'd be enough content that Bungie could develop a "tube-shape connected to a bulbous-base" recognition heuristic. Although, to what end, who knows.

Ten Halo 3 Screenshots That Signify It's 4:20 [Hawty McBloggy]


    sup more people should do this im so stoned

    ( . ) ( . )


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