Indie Tuesdays: Steams Nabs Blueberry Garden, Dyson

Indie Tuesdays: Steams Nabs Blueberry Garden, Dyson
blueberry-gardenIndie darlings Blueberry Garden (pictured) and Dyson have been picked up by Steam and will be released in the next couple of months.

Fresh from its triumph at the Independent Games Festival, where it took home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Blueberry Garden is out first, although no specific date beyond “May” has been set.

Dyson, also a finalist at the IGF09, will be available from July 31. If that’s too far away, you can download the latest test build from the developer’s site right now.

More info on both games can be viewed at their respective Steam Store pages.

Blueberry Garden [Steam, via IndieGames] Dyson [Steam, via IndieGames]


  • The brilliance in Dyson is its simplicity and atmosphere (especially the music). However, underneath that simplicity are some very important tactical decisions you’ll need to make, with every one very important to your survival. Maps are also procedurally generated every time, and Dyson does a very good job of it too.

    I’m hoping it gets a skirmish mode and maybe even some multiplayer for the Steam release. Well worth a look I think.

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