Indie Tuesdays: Walkie Tonky

Indie Tuesdays: Walkie Tonky

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Billed as the world’s first walk ’em up, Walkie Tonky hands you control of a long-legged robot bent on causing destruction. And walking.

Imagine a side-scrolling beat ’em up where you can flail your limbs to destroy buildings and pick up cars to hurl them at enemies. It’s the physics simulation that makes this so ridiculously entertaining, as your robot wobbles ever more precariously while stepping on tanks and lobbing missiles at helicopters.

Developer Pieces Interactive is still hard at work on the full game but in the meantime there’s an early demo available for download here.

Walkie Tonky [Pieces Interactive]


  • Cool game, I especially like how actions like shooting and kicking stuff make sounds that contribute to the music, similar to de Blob and Everyday Shooter.

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