Iron Fist Joins Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Cast

Iconic 70s superhero Iron Fist will be among the two dozen playable characters featured in upcoming action title Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

The characters included in the game were selected because they are returning favourites from the first title, they are core to the Civil War story line or just because the developers wanted to make sure they were in the game, said Guha Bala, president and co-founder of Vicarious Visions.

The game's story is inspired by the Marvel Civil War story line, a tale that examines the balance of security and liberty.

"The game has a different narrative style than the classic comic book romp," he said. "This is more real, a bit grittier. It's a look at a pretty compelling debate."

The two sides are represented by the archetypes of Iron Man and Captain America. Gamers will have a chance to play both sides of the struggle.

The game starts off with an attack of Dr. Doom's Latveria led by Nick Fury assisted by Iron Man, Wolverine and Spiderman, and then leads into the Civil War storyline.

While the game has some tweaks to gameplay and a new, lower camera angle, the biggest change to the game is the inclusion of new Powerfusion attacks.

These attacks allow players to combine the powers of two heroes to create a unique new attack.

All of these fusion attacks require active gameplay, Bala said, and is "particularly cool" when your playing in coop mode. While in coop, when a player tries to activate a fusion attack the other player receives a fusion invitation.

The game supports four player coop played either locally or online.

marvel ultimate alliance 2 screen 20090405 1.jpg

marvel ultimate alliance 2 screen 20090405 2.jpg

marvel ultimate alliance 2 screen 20090405 3.jpg

marvel ultimate alliance 2 screen 20090405 4.jpg


    Ugh. Why did they feel the need to create such an abominable costume for Iron Fist when either the original costume or Aja's more recent update would look perfectly fine? Not only does it look completely awful, it's not something Iron Fist would likely wear in my opinion. I'll be using Iron Fist in-game as soon as possible, but I'll also be switching to an alternate costume as soon as possible.

      Uhh, I dunno what Iron Fist you've been keeping up with Steve but this is by far his best costume in any universe. I really would NOT want tos ee him with a popped up 70's collar, karate slippers and a skin-tight uniform - he's not Spider-Man, after all. Nor do I want to see him half-naked in green karate pants.

      All in all, this IS his best look overall in any given form and it has my full support.

    Don't fret Steve, the last game had four different costumes for each character.

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