It's A BioShock 2 Screenshot Extravaganza!

Here you go. A whole bunch of screenshots for BioShock 2. Enemies, settings, characters, weapons, water, masks, the works. Enjoy!


    Re: all the people confused about the Harvest/Adopt screenshot.

    As you can see, the player at that point is a big daddy (you can tell from the nice big drill in the right hand). Adopting probably leads you to protect the little sister like a big daddy... or harvest her for Adam goodness.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that the main character WAS a big daddy/big momma whatever they are now, but regained his/her memory somehow and is now roaming around either really pissed or trying to find a way out/back to normal.

    OR perhaps read the preview over at IGN and stop speculating?

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