Jak And Daxter Discover The Lost Frontier

With Ratchet and Clank returning later this year, it's only right that Sony's other platforming duo reunite on the PSP and PlayStation 2 this Autumn in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.

Developed by High Impact Games, The Lost Frontier picks up where the original series left off, with Jak and his fuzzy little pal Daxter teaming up with Kiera on her quest to become a Sage, possibly saving the world from the "dark eco". Players start off on foot and then eventually take to the sky in one of five different aircraft, shooting it out with sky pirates with a transforming weapon called the Gunstaff, whatever that means.

It's all a little bit vague at the moment, but there you go. I was hoping that Jak and Daxter would be joining Ratchet and Clank on the PlayStation 3, but I suppose this will have to do for now.

jak and daxter screen 20090402 1.jpg

jak and daxter screen 20090402 2.jpg

Jak & Daxter Are BACK! [PlayStation.blog]


    I thought that this would have definitely been on PS3 as well.

    Why are Sony doing shit like having a series like this continue on the PS2.

    They should be supporting the PS3 but when they do things like this it seems like they're just not interested. They're more interested in supporting a console that's had it's run. C'mon it's almost ten years old for crying out loud. There's nothing wrong with the PS2 but when you release a new game it's supposed to come out for the current-gen systems not the previous generation.

    It's a PSP title that will end up on PS2 as well.

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