Japanese Hardware Sales In A Funk

This week's hardware report from Media Create isn't a positive one. Similar to the industry's performance in the U.S., Japanese weekly hardware sales are down across the board—with the exception of the Xbox 360.

That's somewhat curious, as the Xbox 360's rise over the previous week is substantial, enough to put it within spitting distance of weekly Wii sales. But there's not a single Xbox 360 game in the top thirty. Not even in the top fifty bestselling games in Japan.

As it has for the past two months, the PlayStation 3 continues to outsell its current gen competition. We'll know next week whether the release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete had any sort of impact. The rundown is after this.

  • PSP - 40,886
  • DSi - 40,673
  • PlayStation 3 - 16,701
  • Wii - 13,349
  • Xbox 360 - 10,134
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 6,869
  • PlayStation 2 - 4,531


    Probably Xbox owners in Japan needed to replace their RRoDs?

    Or people like plmko should STFU because maybe Japanese gamers are realizing (beyond the technical difficulties of an Xbox 360) that overall, the console has a lot of great games, potential and is a good spend when taking its price into precaution.


    Good one!


    360 sales in Japan have been very slow until recently, but for good reason. The games available appealed to a niche audience. Nobody in Japan bought an Xbox accidentally, it's the console of choice for the Otaku market and they are fiercely loyal to it.
    This is probably because that pretty, nerdy idol who licks her cat bought one a little while ago.

    The range of games being released has diversified somewhat in the last little while and Japanese gamers are being slightly more open to the idea of buying a Gaijin Box. We will likely see sales improve and remain steady, though probably always lower than Wii and (more than likely) PS3

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