John Woo: Stranglehold Movie Won’t Be Ready ‘For Years’

John Woo: Stranglehold Movie Won’t Be Ready ‘For Years’

Stranglehold, the Midway video game with John Woo’s name slapped on it, is getting a movie version. He won’t be directing, but rather, producing. And don’t look for it shooting up theatres anytime soon!

The game is a sequel of sorts to 1992 Hong Kong action flick Hard Boiled and starred the film’s lead Chow Yun-Fat and the character he made famous, Tequilla. The Stranglehold film is apparently moving forward without Chow Yun-Fat. What’s more, instead of Woo, actor-writer-director Stephen Fung (Enter The Phoenix, House of Fury) has been in negotiations to helm John Woo game.

According to Woo, he’ll be simply producing the movie: “I’m involved as producer. We’re working on the script and I’m sure it’s going be a very interesting movie, but it won’t be ready until years from now.” Know what would make it an even more interesting movie? If John Woo directed it. Know what would make it even more interesting that than? If Chow Yun-Fat starred in it.

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