Join Us In Saluting Cammy's Generously-Proportioned Hips

Is there such a thing as too many Cammy figures? Or too many Cammy statues? Uh, pfft. No.

So let's take a good, long look at the release of the latest in the "Capcom Girls Collection" series. Which is, of course, Cammy. She's as detailed as she is stacked in the thighs/hips department, and if that's just the kind of thing you're after in a g-strung Capcom statue, one of these will set you back around US$80.

cammy figure 1.jpg

cammy figure 2.jpg

cammy figure 3.jpg


    Question: Does Cammy ever has a move where she can dash through an incoming hadouken/range attack then punch someone? I think I saw that on a GT video this morning..but I've never actually seen it use in game before.

    Olicon, it's an Axle Spin Knuckle. half-circle-back, punch.

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