Just How Big Is That Final Fantasy XIII Demo?

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete went on sale in Japan today — complete with bundled Final Fantasy XIII demo. Now that the demo is out, we're curious how big it is.

Japanese game site Pocket News's has broken down the sizes for various files on the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete disc as well as the size of the FFXIII heafty.

According to Pocket News, the Final Fantasy XIII PS3 demo clocks in at approximately 5.09GB, which includes 256 MB of firmware update data as well. The demo file's time stamp is 12/3 ~ 12/6.

For an hour-plus long demo, 5.09GB seems about right.

BD版ファイナルファンタジーVIIアドベントチルドレンコンプリート購入 [Pocket News Thanks Henry E!]


    So the demo is 5.09GB...how big will the final game be for the 360 :\

    I know this seems special but how big is a normal dvd? How is the 360 going to cope if 1hour of gameplay = 5.09gb & an average final fantasy game is approx. 40hours long? even using a blu ray disc thats only got 10hours worth of gameplay based on that assumption =S

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