Killzone 2's Interactive '4D' Ad Hits PlayStation Store Today

The PlayStation 3 goes 4D, thanks to the arrival of the interactive Killzone 2 television spot "Bullet Journey." Downloadable from the PlayStation Store today, the "Behind The Bullet" app lets you explore that dramatic ad.

The "three minute interactive demonstration" can be downloaded for free via the PlayStation Store, letting players manipulate the camera that follows the bullet from ISA rifle into Helghast forehead. "Behind The Bullet" also features audio commentary from the ad's director and visual artists. Players can turn on or off visual filters to see how the PlayStation 3 was put to use to create the ad.

The app, one that would make 4D champion Ken Kutaragi proud, is now available for North American PlayStation 3 owners. Europe, you're next.

Behind The Bullet Released on PSN [Killzone]


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