Left 4 Dead Will Be Free! (For 24 Hours)

As of 00:01 GMT this Friday, Valve's spectacularly-popular zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be made free to download over the company's Steam digital delivery service.

Yes, instead of spending $US40 on the game, you can spend $US0. The catch? The offer's only good for a 24-hour period, and once that 24 hours is up, the "free" game will be locked, and you'll need to pay up to play up.

If your connection is slow and you're worried you'll spend 23 of those 24 hours downloading the game, don't worry, you can pre-load it now and then just flip the switch on Friday morning.

Kotaku AU Note: So, essentially, it's a time-locked demo. You can play the whole game for free, but only during the 24 hours.


    Damn. 10am in the morning is a bit crappy for us worker bees (on the east coast of AUS anyways). Suppose I should be thankful that I'll get a full nights worth of gaming out of it.

    This is gonna be awesome. Just about finished pre-loading. I just hope I can finish the single player campaign in the 24 hours. I'll probably end up buying it eventually for the multiplayer.

      Have you figured out something i have not ?

      It does not seem to be Free. I Pre-Downloaded the game and now it wants me to purchase it. There is no option to play !


        The free play period starts in about 20 minutes.

    This is bullshit. I pre-loaded it yesterday and I just tried to play it and it said that it was unavailable. So I went to the My Games pane and it said it was starting the download with 23 hours to go and from what I can see no way to cancel it.

    Not happy Valve.

      I worked out the time difference wrong. Once 10am hit i was in heaven.
      That was until i turned off the PC and left for a few hours. Came back and now it wont let me play the game. I can only purchase it.
      It was not even in my game list until i waited about 30 minutes.
      I will leave it on for a while and hope that it comes back and be playable

      Kick ass game. First time i have played it.

    I'm not sure what's going on but now it says it's 100% ready and is booting up but it says there's 20 hours to go for the download.

    Just thought I'd mention that they've reduced the price of Left 4 Dead on Steam to $23.99. I might just by it at that price. I'm sure that was they're plan all along, allow us to play it for free for a little while and then reduce it to a price point that would be extremely hard to resist.

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