Left 4 Dead Gets Fan Art Photo Shoot

The creative team responsible for Night Zero, a post-apocalyptic photographic novel that follows the survivors of a deadly viral outbreak, have found inspiration in Valve's Left 4 Dead, which they photographically pay homage to.

The Night Zero team's project is called Left 5 Dead, an attempt to photorealistically recreate the iconic Survivors from Valve and Turtle Rock's zombie video game. So far, it looks like we have real-life representations of Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis, as well as the Witch and Hunter. Sadly, no Boomer, but we hope they can pull it off.

The team's Flickr indicates that a "live-action Left 4 Dead movie" is in the works, one featuring a fifth Survivor. Given that fifth Survivor's choice of outfit—bandanna and puffy shirt?!—we don't think we'll mind seeing him stomped to death by a gang of Infected.

Head over to the Night Zero team's Flickr to see more of their in-progress work, if that high-dynamic range lighting thing appeals to you.

Thanks to Ryan for the heads up!

Left 5 Dead [Journal Zero via Telegraph]
Left 5 Dead [Flickr]


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