Left 4 Dead Survival Mode Is Now Live

As promised, Valve's new "Survival Pack" expansion has been released for Left 4 Dead. Now that I've completed my download of the add-on, which adds a new gameplay mode, I recommend you do the same.

The new expansion is available for both the PC version via Steam and the Xbox 360 version. So far, the new Survival gameplay is kicking my arse, with my first playthrough lasting all of 93 seconds. Fun! Surely becoming familiar with the new mode's map will make this a little easier as time goes on.

Valve has also added new Left 4 Dead branded goods to the company's official store, including the "Last Stand" poster seen in the Survival mode's splash screen. Have at it!

The full list of changes from Valve is as follows.

Survival Mode
- New gameplay Mode
- 16 maps including Last Stand
- Leaderboards
- 7 new achievements

Versus Changes
- Fixed a case where versus team score would continue to be recalculated after the score panel was displayed
- Fixed an issue with recalculating the versus score health bonus for a player when they are rescued from being incapacitated
- Fixed being able to start a swing as an infected, then teleport to the survivors and have the claw swing hit a survivor
- Fixed a case where teleporting to the survivors would not reset the ability timer
- Fixed an exploit where you could load the chamber of a weapon with bullets by holding down the melee key
- Fixed a case where it was not possible to join a game while it was in a finale
- Fixed a rare case where listen servers would speed up the game over time
- Removed convars related to melee fatigue
- Fixed a case where infected players would get a respawn time on their initial spawn into a map

Server Changes
- Made ms_force_dedicated_server not require cheats
- Add a message when queuing a heartbeat
- Simplified setting of game mode.
removed convars director_no_human_zombies and director_holdout_mode
added mp_gamemode [coop,versus,survival]

- Added lobby join and leave messages


    SUHWEEET!!! I'll be playing lots of this tonight!

    Yeah hopped into a few games this morning before work, pretty good considering it's free DLC. In your face RE5.

    I saw the update and I jizzed... in... my pants.

    It might have been the grape I just ate though.

    too bad you have to have gold to actually get it...

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