Left 4 Dead With 12 Survivors Should Make Expert Easy

Admittedly, I don't have the skills to complete a single Left 4 Dead campaign on "Expert" difficulty. I'm a little to casual with the auto shotgun. But having 12 Survivors on my team? Well...

This little Left 4 Dead modification, one that takes advantage of 12 player slots for up to a dozen survivors versus the world's infected, isn't some simple switch one needs to flip via console commands. It requires a pair of installed mods, some setting finagling, a little misdirection plus some jumping through hoops that will likely take a decent time investment to get working.

But look at all those green silhouettes! If you watch the video, stick around for the dance party at the end.

Left 4 Dead? More Like Left 12 Dead [L4Dmods]


    Expert is still an art that most players on the net don't 'get'. With the autoshotty you should be reloading constantly. Easily the most overpowered weapon.

    how did you that

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