Let's Check Out Gothic Lolita Shooter For Xbox 360

DeathSmiles, the Gothic Lolita shooting game from Cave, is getting an Xbox 360 port. Check out this weekend event in Akihabara to promote the game.

The game will be out April 23 in The Land of the Rising Sun. As we previously posted, there's also a limited edition of the game (priced at ¥9,240 - US$103) besides the regular edition. The limited edition version also includes a soundtrack CD as well.

【360】「ドリームクラブ」、動画ではなく連続写真が公開される [はちま起稿]


    Mmm..2D side scrollers. It's been a while since I get to play a good one. I remember those old Battlefield 1943 or whatever game. That was my favorite back in the day.

    I really wish someone would expand on the idea of this genre a bit. Mostly, the shooters with female anime character instead of space ships are seen as shovel ware. But I feel like it has a lot of untapped potential. You can only do so much with a space ship--lack of opposable thumb makes a lot of things very difficult. They could make one that have a lot of gimmick added to each character, you know.
    That'd really spice up the genre, I think.

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