Lionhead Teases Tomorrow's Fable II News

Why put off announcing something until tomorrow when you can announce the impending announcement today?

That's the apparent philosophy of Sam Van Tilburgh over at Lionhead's Fable II development blog, who promises some sort of announcement and new content to arrive on the morrow.

I'm picking up through the grapevine that tomorrow there is going to be some news announcement and also new can't-miss content so make sure to visit our site tomorrow! No further details are available. Did I tell you it's sunny here in Guildford?

Let's just hope this isn't like the last time they promised an announcement, only to announce that said announcement wasn't announceable yet.

Kotaku officially announces that you should stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement announcement.

Check it out, tomorrow. [Fable II Development Blog]


    Why have game developers started announcing announcements. They should be putting all their effort into actually making announcement rather than keeping people in suspense by announcing an announcement that an announcement is going to be made.

    I would like to make an announcement. This is bullshit, announce the damn announcement already.

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