Magna Carta II Coming Stateside

Sequel to the PlayStation 2 role-playing game and not related to the historical document created in 1215, Magna Carta II is an Xbox 360 exclusive that seems to have a lot in common with another 360 RPG.

The game features a new-ish storyline about an amnesiac boy and two warring countries and is built with the Unreal 3 engine. But the Lost Odyssey parallels don't stop there.

According to the press release, the combat in Magna Carta II "combines real-time action, timing-based attacks, over-drive combinations, and the strategic use of skills, magical power and critical attacks." Sounds kind of familiar for the 360; but hopefully it will be an improvement over the combat system reviewers weren't too fond of in Tears of Blood.

Korean artist Hyung-Tae Kim also returns to give the characters their 12-year-old girl unique style and provide a connection to between Tears of Blood, the Korean-only The Phantom of Avalanche and this new edition to the Magna Carta family. Look for it later this year.


    Tiny Rant: I'm an RPG lover from an age where we did not see distinctions such as "JRPG", "WRPG", "SRPG", etc... It all fell under the envelope of "RPG". To further age myself, the first RPG I played was Dragon Warrior (Quest) 1 for the NES when I was a young teen. The second was Final Fantasy 1.

    I agree with the point that RPGs should be released multi-platform (aside from 1st party games of course). From all of the information I've accumulated, it is clear that while the 360 does indeed have an RPG audience, the larger audience (in all markets) for RPGs supports the Playstation brand. The PS3's faltering sales are directly linked with the lack of RPG support.

    Having played too many RPGs to actually count the main reason that the current crop of PS3 RPGs have not performed very well is that most of them are simply below par. Folklore, Enchanted Arms & Eternal Sonata did not impress me by any means. Disgaea 3 was good, but lacked any visual upgrade (and I personally felt that Disgaea 1 & 2 were both better -- almost as good as FF Tactics on PS1). Finally, I would LOVE to play Valkyria Chronicles as I hear only great things about it, but here in Ottawa, it's impossible to find (except at Microplay for $90).

    Magna Carta 2 is not a deal breaker as the first was awful. But, I would love to hear of sequels to Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Legend of Dragoon. Or even a competent sequel to Legend of Legaia (Duel Saga was not very good at all.

    Either way, exclusives suck. Give some love to everyone!

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