Malaysian Kids Set New LAN Party World Record

Last year, 203 attendees at Nvidia's Nvision '08 set an official Guinness world record for the world's longest LAN party, clocking up 36 hours of non-stop gaming. That record has now been broken.

Over the weekend, 300 kids at the Cyber Fusion 2009 event in Malaysia set a new mark, bringing not only more gamers, but managing to play for 40 consecutive hours.

The most-played games over the weekend were Team Fortress 2 and titles from the Quake and Unreal Tournament series, while organisers also spotted a few users grinding away on their WoW accounts during quieter moments.


    The point is how long they played for, not how many people were there.

    Big Day In about 5-6 years ago had 1,000 players in Melbourne, they stopped doing it after 1 year because they couldn't guarentee that there would be no piracy. I'm sure it's doable now.

    Personally, in my younger years we could 72 hours gaming, with breaks in between of course.

    To be fair. There was only about 280+ gamers at the end of the event. Some got DQed for not following the guidelines.

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