Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Old Graphics Vs New Graphics

While Marvel vs Capcom may not be as comprehensive a re-release as the recent SSFIIHD - it's more of a straight-up port - it's still getting a few graphical improvements.

You'll be given the option of playing the game in three graphics modes: Classic, Smooth & Crisp. Classic is as you'd expect, the original Dreamcast pixels. Smooth throws in 2x bilinear filtering, while crisp goes one better and goes for 3x bilinear filtering.

You can see a quick comparison up above, or individual shots below.

Crisp Mode

Smooth Mode

Classic Mode

So now I can talk about the game....IT'S MAHVEL BABY! [Capcom]


    I remember when he had this in the common room in Year 12. It was one of those Dreamcast based cabinet jobs. We figured out a way to hack it for inifite multiplayer credits.

    Fun Game.

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