Meet Olivia Newton-John, Thanks To Nintendo

Meet Olivia Newton-John, Thanks To Nintendo
ds_lite_metallic_rose_3d_with_sleeveOlivia Newton-John is a Nintendo brand ambassador. If you’re in Sydney tomorrow, you can meet her.

Why? Well, the new DS Lite bundle up there should give it away. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Nintendo is launching a new metallic pink DS Lite with More Brain Training packed in and ONJ’s face on the box. It’s out now, albeit in limited quantities.

If you want to meet someone whose face appears on soe DS Lite packaging, make sure you’re at Myer Sydney City, Level One, Thursday 30 April from 12:30pm. What’s on Level One? Women’s Fashion, obviously.


  • I don’t get it… Why would anyone want to buy a DS just because some has been whose time in the spotlight died out well over two decades ago just so happens to be on the cover?

    • Maybe because ‘Physical’ was an amazing song that inspired us to lose weight and gain life? Duh.

    • Perhaps it might have something to do with the Charity she is involved with also. Apart from surviving cancer herself she does a lot to raise money to help cancer patients and surely this is a good thing no matter what your background or age group anything pink these days is usually sending some of the money to assist in cancer research. You never know maybe one day you or someone you know might need help and think Olivia is not so has been after all!

  • Or maybe because there are still crazy fans like me who still love her and believe anything she says 😉

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