Microsoft Calling For Year-Round Game Releases

Anybody outside the retail sector fans of the Christmas rush? You're not. We're not. And Microsoft may just be coming around to our way of thinking.

Speaking with trade site MCV, Microsoft Europe's David Gosen has questioned the gaming industry's reliance on selling games at Christmas time, saying:

We still have a very seasonally-focused business. You only need look at last Christmas, when nearly 200 titles were released in the space of three or four weeks. There was that crazy week, third week of November.

The big brands reached the top and everything else was left by the wayside. It's becoming harder and harder to establish new IP in that environment. You have to ask if that's sustainable.

No, it's not, and he points to some sane, logical examples that prove his/our/your point: Grand Theft Auto IV & Resident Evil 5, both of which were released in the first half of the year and both of which have been big sellers Then there's Smash Bros Brawl, Wii Fit and Metal Gear Solid 4, all of which were also released well outside the holiday season and... well, you get the idea.

Xbox concerned by Q4-addicted trade [MCV][Image Credit]


    Timely comment from Microsoft considering there is NOTHING big and exclusive on their horizon this year - on the PS3 side of it, well we go LOTS to look forward to: InFamous, Uncharted 2, MAG, new Ratchet and Clank, God of War 3 are just to name a few


      I was thinking the same thing. Sure, they put out Halo Wars in February, but other than that there's... er... Ninja Blade and Halo 3: ODST. Microsoft's first-party slate is alarmingly thin. Although, to be fair, I doubt we'll see GOWIII or MAG grace the PS3 this year.

      BUT. Since when have PS3 exclusives really thrown PS3 consoles off the shelves.

      Microsoft continue to earn the most each month in third-party games and revenue from the sale of Xbox 360 games - exclusives or non exclusives.

      In Australia anyway, Killzone 2 didn't really knock the socks off with PS3 sales, really only Europe was the one that Sony benefited from in console sales. Other than that, only MGS4 made the PS3 sold more consoles in all regions.

      Not whining like a Xbox fanboy, but just proving a point that Microsoft DON'T need to have so many BIG exclusives every year or in the coming months to sell their console. From what i can see the Xbox 360's sales are doing considerably well, even in Japan.

    Alan Wake and Heavy Rain get to go toe to toe this years.... provided that either of them ever come out of course.

    And yeah there are some big hitters on the PS3 this year which is good to see (I've been trying to even out my library between the 360 and the PS3). But I do think a greater spread of AAA's is needed through out the year, can only help with over all sales and would keep platforms from feeling stale during the dry spells. It would also help with those "rushed for christmas" titles with day 0 patches and 4 months of bug fixing.

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