Microsoft Refunds Braid Overbill, Plus A Little Extra

If you bought Braid back in February when it was XBLM's first "Deal of the Week," check your points balance. Microsoft mistakenly overbilled for it, but they'll be refunding the difference plus 100 points.

We've gotten word through a few readers about the mistake, which Microsoft attributed to a "technical glitch." The virtual money should be credited back to accounts sometime within "the coming weeks."

That's a little more than two months to fix a 400 point error, but hey, they fixed it, and even if it's fake money, they gave people a little extra for their trouble. Here's the full message sent to those who were overcharged:

Dear Xbox LIVE Gold Member:

We launched Deal of the Week program on Feb 23rd, 2009 as an added benefit to your Gold membership and we are very excited to see the overwhelming response we have received from our loyal users such as you.

As a result of the increased transactions we know that you experienced an intermittent Xbox LIVE issue, which resulted in you being charged full price of 1200 points for the ‘Braid' deal instead of the discounted price of 800 points. We sincerely wish to apologise for the technical glitch and would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience and understanding as our team worked around the clock to fix this problem.

We will not only be crediting back the 400 points that were overcharged, but also be crediting an extra 100 points as a token of our appreciation and as a thank you for your loyalty during this period. You will see a credit of 500 points in your account in the coming weeks.


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