Microsoft Surveys On NXE Avatar Changes, Including Wearable Achievements

The addition of the Rare-designed Avatars in the New Xbox Experience hasn't amounted to much beyond an increasingly expanding virtual wardrobe. But Microsoft may have grander plans for the little guys.

While there are a handful of games that already support Avatars in-game—Scene It? Box Office Smash, Uno, etc.—as far as games are concerned, they're just scenery. That may change, as Microsoft is surveying gamers on what they'd like to see added to the Xbox 360's Avatars.

One of the more interesting possibilities include "special avatar gear" that can be earned in a fashion similar to Achievements. Microsoft has hinted at this possibility before, but it's at the top of the list of changes being surveyed. Also noteworthy are Avatars that are auto generated to look like their owners, presumably via the Xbox Live Vision Camera, and a set of "family" Avatars, including kids or pets.

The full list of survey questions regarding Avatar changes looks like this.


    Unless I can play as my avatar in Gears of War, or have a male avatar, I want nothing to do with them

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