Microsoft Discounts PS2 Price Cut

Sony's Jack Tretton says that dropping the price of the PlayStation 2 to $99 will bring new consumers to the PlayStation platform. Microsoft rolls its eyes.

Speaking to, Microsoft's VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business Chris Lewis dismissed Sony's announcement, suggesting that the key to staying competitive in the console market lay in developing the current generation consoles.

"This move from Sony at the end of the PS2's life cycle is not unexpected. We believe, however, that the future lies in the growth of current generation consoles and Xbox 360, as the fastest growing games console last year, with sales up over 80 per cent, will continue to drive the market.

Essentially this is the corporate equivalent of rolling your eyes and muttering "whatever", perhaps to cover abject relief over the fact that Sony didn't lower the price of the PlayStation 3, a move that really would have give Microsoft a run for their money.

Microsoft dismisses PlayStation 2 price cut []


    Microsoft of all people trying to be telling Sony how to run their business... quite amazing. I think Sony have proven themselves Mr. VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business Chris Lewis... if/when Microsoft acquires the success the PlayStation franchise has THEN, and only then, can you tell them what they should be doing. I honestly dont know why people bother with Microsoft these days - they cant do anything right.

    MS cant do anything right?
    IMO they are going much better than sony atm... belaive it if u want or not the 360 is out selling the ps3 alot and the games market on it is huge.

    MS did good when they let the Xbox die... Sony cant let the PS2 die.. if they do so do they... They make more money out of it than the current gen...

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