Microsoft Introduces New Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Packaging That Actually Looks Good

In a bold move to make "greatest hits" console game packaging that doesn't make one want to stab oneself in the retina, Microsoft has apparently deployed new Platinum Hits box art to retail locations.

Kotaku reader Justin spied the new Platinum Hits design, which may no longer induce vomiting, at an upstate New York Target store, seen on the budget version of Gears of War. Gone is the atrocious miniature box art and old style Platinum Hits border that offended the senses, replaced by a new platinum coloured banner with the distinction "Greatness Is Earned." It is noticeably less horrific to take in through the eyes than earlier efforts.

We've contacted Microsoft to see if the company plans to extend the new, less detestable Platinum Hits design to other "best of" titles in the Xbox 360 library. And we hope other publishers follow suit. We're looking at you, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Specifically you, Germany!


    Anyone else think they are ripping of the PS3 Platnium range design????

    I'd be a millionaire if I had a cent for every whinging Playstation owner that calls foul on Microsoft, Nintendo or any other division, department or studio that functions with a purpose. Clearly the pure hatred charged by brainwashed fanboi-ism is a blind and barbaric instinct indeed.

    I like it, especially the 360 elite packaging colouring on the banner at the top, not so fond of the 'greatness is earned' moniker though.

    As for ripping off the ps3 packaging design, the ostentatious yellow border that screams "I AM YELLOW! BUY ME!", the 360 packaging is a little more classy (well, as classy as platinum hits packaging goes).

    Not in the slightest. It bears similarity, yes, but it bears just as much similarity to the regular 360 box art. I really don't think we need to play the "who did a generic horizontal bar at the top of the cover" game, do we? Oh hey, it looks just like a cereal box I saw the other day.

    Looks a billion times better than the current one, hope they use it in Australia. It takes twice as long to identify a game with the current design when it's on the shelf, it's just awful...

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