Midway May Not Be Finished Yet, Thanks To Warner Bros.

Bankrupt Midway may have a financial saviour in Warner Bros., as the media giant—who happens to have a video game division in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment—is reported to be readying a bid for the ailing publisher.

According to a report from MCV, Warner Bros. is "keen to acquire Midway's flagship Mortal Kombat and Stranglehold franchises" as well as casual fare like the Touchmaster series and legacy intellectual property that the company has squandered over the past decade. As WBIE co-published Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe with Midway, it could certainly make a sequel to that million-seller much easier to get out the door if the media conglomerate owns all properties involved.

According to MCV's source, Midway is aiming to sell the company for the agreed upon $US30 million price tag, which would presumably please creditors and the nearly-30 employees who would benefit under a "key employee incentive program."

That same unnamed source cautions that "The deal isn't done yet. Midway is still open to offers from other potential buyers – but Warner looks to be favourite to wrap it up."

Warner Bros in for Midway? [MCV via Joystiq]


    I really hope the Mortal Kombat franchise is allowed to live - Another MK vs DC game would be cool, as long as a stand alone Mortal Kombat game wouldn't be too far off. Huge roster + the trademark MK violence = awesome!!!!

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