MMO Donating Proceeds To Charity

You may never have heard of browser-based MMO Domain of Heroes before, but that's OK. There's tons of browser-based games you've never heard of. But we mention it because this one's doing good deeds.

At the moment, 5% of the proceeds from in-game purchases are going to charity. Some of the money is going to Child's Play (echoing a similar move made by Everquest in January), and some of it's going to "Women in Gaming International", a group championing the "inclusion and advancement of women in the game industry".

Now, Domain Heroes isn't exactly the world's biggest MMO. And 5% isn't exactly a massive percentage of the game's income. But still! It's charity, and any charity is good charity.

Plus, it gets you thinking... imagine if Blizzard donated 5% of their proceeds to charity. We could probably cure cancer. On Mars.

[via Dtoid]


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