Monster Hunter Hungers For New Currency, Sets Sights On Europe

For those not aware, Monster Hunter is big. Well, big in Japan. Outside of the Japan, it's not so big. Which is something Capcom are looking at addressing.

After all, if the series prints money in Japan, which is a relatively small market compared to the US and European ones, imagine how much money Capcom would make if Monster Hunter took off in the West?

It'd be more than you could imagine.

So, having launched a few Monster Hunter games in the West with little success, with the upcoming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Capcom are taking things seriously. Capcom Europe PR:

What has been lacking in Europe in the past with the Monster Hunter series is definitely the promotion

The PR and marketing for the last two titles in the series have been very limited, but this time we're taking things far more seriously in terms of the promotion.

If it works... God help us all.

Capcom set to 'get serious' on Monster Hunter's European marketing [MCV]


    MH needs better camera controls. The camera controls in every MH game are terrible. The controls are not intuitive at all and after putting in 14 hours I quit. The controls did it for me. Unless they change the controls I have no interest in this franchise and this is what I hear time and time again from others who are not fans of the franchise. Just because three fans give it a 5/5 does not mean it is 5/5 because there are fifty others out there that hate the control scheme, and rightfully so. The controls are terrible.

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