Monumental Games Working On Next MotoGP

Monumental Games Working On Next MotoGP

A new MotoGP racing game is in development by Monumental Games for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Capcom announced today.

Capcom says that the new, yet to be titled, MotoGP will take the series in a “totally new and exciting direction, whilst remaining faithful to the world’s premier motorcycle championships.” So I guess rocket launchers are right out.

“We’re working very closely with Capcom to take the MotoGP franchise to new heights,” said Rik Alexander, head of Monumental Games. “No-one would question the experience of our team – what’s amazing is the sheer energy which they’re bringing to the project. Like Capcom, they want this to surpass everything that’s come before, and so far they’re very much on track.”

More details on the new game, developeed under the exclusive, five-year agreement Capcom has with Doma Sports, is expected “shortly.”

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