New Green Nintendo DS Bundle Is For The Ladies Only

Nintendo will be releasing a new Nintendo DS Lite bundle on May 3rd, one with a brand new colour scheme—new to North America, anyway—and Personal Trainer Cooking software packed in. It's perfect for Mother's Day.

Now, we're not implying that only mom should be slaving over a hot stove all day, especially on Mother's Day. But that DS Lite carrying case? No man should be seen with that flowery shell in his proximity, unless it's being held aloft like a rodent carcass, in pursuit of its proper owner.

And the DS package is being described by retailers as the "Mother's Day Bundle," so I'd think we're right in feminizing this particular hardware option.

Best Buy of Canada is currently listing the bundle at $159.99 Canadian (obviously!), but we understand it will be priced the same when it ships to the United States.

We're checking with Nintendo of America to see if that is indeed the case.

Nintendo DS Mother's Day Bundle [Best Buy - thanks, Kevin!]


    Nintendo needs to take a hint from their past and release an EMERALD GREEN shade. They did it for the gameboy pocket, gameboy advance (it had venasuar, I think it was a target exclusive?) and the N64, I'm so sick of this snot green lime color. It's like they're trying to please both green and yellow lovers, and failing miserably. It's unfair to have like 4 or 5 shades of blue and one ugly green! I'll stick with my chubby metallic blue DS until an emerald green dsi comes out (cough, never, cough).

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