New Need For Speed: Shift Screens Are Very Normal

Today has been... weird. News of Mr. T and Will Wright fighting Nazis, the addition of farting attributes to Nobi Nobi Boy, and unicorns on make me seriously worry that I'm not yet awake.

Thank goodness for new Need For Speed: Shift screen shots. There's absolutely nothing confounding nor perplexing about them. It's just cars moving at very high speeds, making for the prettiest of marketing media. Everything's rendered so photorealistically, there's not a single pixel that would make one question one's sanity or reflect on an individual's perception of reality.

Think of these five high-res screens as a calming sorbet upon which one can cleanse the mental palette.


    Man i havnt read the comments so i dont noe if someones mentioned this but the 4th screen of the hakasuka looks friken real

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