New Tekken 6 Trailer Does What Tekken Trailers Do Best

And what does Tekken do best? It's not the fighting, capable though that may be, but the gorgeous pre-rendered CG video that's a hallmark of the series. And Tekken 6 doesn't phone it in.

The new Tekken 6 trailer, shown at Microsoft's most recent press event in Tokyo, asks the all-important question "Where did you do with Jin Kizama?" Surely we'll find out where Jin was done with when the game lands on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.

Until then, when we'll ultimately learn the where of the doing of to Mr. Kizama, enjoy brief snippets of each character's gorgeous 3D cinematics. Watch as Bob fights in a bank, things explode dramatically, and contenders for the King of Iron Fist tournament cause mass amounts of destruction by punching each other in the fist. Total fistbump destruction!

Xbox 360 Title Preview: Spring 2009 Trailer HD [GameTrailers]


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