New Crytek Trademarks

German developer Crytek, the studio behind Far Cry and Crysis, has trademarked a couple new names:


"KINGDOMS" is fairly pedestrian, but "GFACE" and "CARVATAR"? There's speculation that "GFACE" is related to another recent patent for "WARFACE" — whatever that is. "CARVATAR" could be have something to do with Crysis's partnership with a German car company.

"KINGDOMS" is believed to be a game. At GDC, IGN reports, Crytek had a looping demo for CryENGINE 3 that had medieval levels. If this is a game, we would've preferred "CRYDOM." You know, keeping with that whole "Cry" theme.

Crytek's New Trademarks [IGN via VG247]


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