New WipEout HD Update Is Gonna Need Its Own Update

PlayStation Network racer WipEout HD got a slew of new features today, thanks to an update that brought about new features like badges, friend invites, and a ranking overhaul. But it's also a little buggy.

WipEout HD report that they're experiencing some issues following the 1.30 update, with the PlayStation 3 game bugging out when trying to load autosave data. While that's an annoyance, there is, thankfully, a workaround.

According to posters on the official PlayStation forums, it seems to be related to your PlayStation Network log in. To get around that, simply....

1. Sign out of PSN.
2. Launch the game.
3. Choose "Online" from the main menu, letting it sign you in to the PSN.
4. Acknowledge the release notes for the 1.30 patch.
5. Wait for the game to auto-save.

Hopefully, Sony and the WipEout HD team will have version 1.31 out the door in no time.

Wipeout crashes on startup with 1.30 update [PlayStation Forums - thanks, David!]


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