Nintendo: Not Everyone Has Played Brain Age

With the gajillion titles of Brain Age and its sequel Nintendo has sold, you'd think pretty much everyone has played the game. You're wrong.

"Some people might think that, given the huge sales of the Brain Training series, there can't possibly be anyone out there who hasn't played it, but that's not true at all", says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. "Compared to the number of consoles sold, the amount of software sold doesn't even come close."

New DSiWare title Little Bit of Brain Training offers new players bite-sized bursts of brain training and chance to laugh like a maniac. What's more, the game offers seasoned players a tweaked version for those who are especially adept at boasting their grey matter age.

Brain Age developers found that players tended to stop playing once their brain age hit the sweet spot of 20 years old, and thus, have added a new character who appears and gives players harder tasks. Nintendo's current task? Make sure everyone who owns a DS plays Brain Age. The end.

Iwata Asks - Volume 6 [Nintendo via Siliconera]


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