Nintendo 'Not Particularly Concerned' With Weakening Wii Sales In Japan

With the PlayStation 3 outselling the Wii in Japan for the month of March, one might think that Nintendo executives are in a panic, concerned this whole motion control thing is a fad. Not so!

Nintendo seems rather nonplussed by the monthly change in console domination on its home turf, which by Enterbrain's figures meant 146,948 PlayStation 3s sold in the five weeks to March 29 versus 99,335 Wii units sold.

Enterbrain's figures are a little different from the Media Create hardware sales data we regularly follow. We have PS3 sales at 116,000 for March, with Wii sales just under 70,000, looking at a four-week period.

"It is still the first few months of the year when sales are slow for the industry, so we are not particularly concerned," Nintendo said.

Nintendo says that the current software slump affecting Wii sales overseas isn't cause for worry, as it hopes "to line up strong software to support hardware sales in the second half of the year". With Wii Sports Resort coming at some unknown point this year, we'd imagine that'd do the trick!

PS3 outstrips Wii in Japanese sales [Financial Times]


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