Nintendo President: 'Wii In Unhealthy Condition'

Wii sales are sliding in Japan. Nintendo wants to re-energise the Japanese market because the company is "beginning to look vulnerable."

New sales figures show the PS3 outselling the Wii for the first time in 16 months. The Nintendo Wii dropped 69 percent in the five weeks to March 29. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata:

The Wii is in the most unhealthy condition since it hit the Japanese market. The current condition in the Japanese market is not the one we want.

Another thing Nintendo doesn't want: a price cute. The reason? "A price cut in a difficult economy cannot really excite the market and drive up sales," Iwata says. "As of now I really don't think that a price cut is a good option for us." Because when sales of your console have plugged 69 percent, the last thing you want is to drive up sales.

Is this the beginning of the end or is Nintendo just hitting a slow patch?

Nintendo says Wii losing luster but no price cut [ABS-CBN]


    Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you the WiiSi! Its just like a regular Wii but with a 10% overclock and an intergrated webcam. You buy now k?

    Price cute.

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