Nintendo: Super Small Number of U.S. DSi Owners Have DS Cart Issues

While looking into the issue of Nintendo potentially making the DSi's anti-piracy tech more robust, I also checked to see if it was possible that legitimate copies of DS games weren't working in the DSi.

The short answer is, probably not.

Based on the people calling in to Nintendo to talk about DS games they own not working in their DSi, Nintendo figures it most likely due to dirty game cards and not bad coding.

Here's their official statement:

As is common after the launch of any new hardware system, we have fielded inquiries from consumers about their games. To date, an extremely small number (about 0.025 percent) of Nintendo DSi owners have inquired about playing their licensed DS games, though the most common issue has been related to dirty game cards. Nintendo recommends that players keep their game cards in the original packaging, or in protective cases to keep them free of dust and debris.

Yes, they mean .025 percent, not 2.5 percent, as in 1/40 of one percent. If I were to do the math on that, based on Nintendo's announced first three days of DSi sales in North America, we would be talking about 75 people. Of course sales have to be higher than that by now, but it still a pretty small number it seems.

Where do you store your DS carts? Me? When they're not in LittleFoot's mouth or the washing machine, they're safely sitting on my desk.


    Actually, I think they've been region locked. My copy of Electroplankton doesn't work on a DSi I tried at work, neither did Phoenix Wright 3.

    Actually, no DS [Lite] carts will be region locked - yet - saved that for DSi specific games and the DSi shop channel. I only know of one instance where a legitimately bought DS cart did not work in the DSi, but it could've been an issue with that particular cart, since there were alt copies to swap it with.
    Do want to know if Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be first DSi game or still made for DS Lite - perhaps sales figures will determine that :( Its the only thing that will make me upgrade!

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